USHEALTH Advisors’ Incredible Dedication to Help People

The USHEALTH Group has other companies making it up forming a family of enterprises. USHEALTH Advisors is among one of the subsidiary companies of the USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH Group is an organization that deals with the provision of insurance packages that are affordable and customized to meet every client’s needs. USHEALTH Advisors, on the other hand, are the marketing branch; they market the Group’s products. The individuals that USHEALTH Advisors target are the owners of small businesses, the self-employed entrepreneurs and the employees of those small businesses. The company’s goal is to ensure all type of people in the society have access to insurance packages that favor and help them.

USHEALTH Advisors help people find the solutions to the increasing health costs. The team is also considerate of their sales representatives and awards them for their work. A hard working sales representative is recognized and is made the sales leader who is considered a professional in marketing the health product. One can also become an agent and help sell the insurance packages, and the team provides support by supplying products which meet the client’s needs. The USHEALTH Advisors offer full support to new agents, and this makes it easier for the beginners. The team also provides training to any new agents and the training is conducted by the sales leaders to enhance efficiency. Training is important because when an agent succeeds, the success also reflects on the USHEALTH Advisors as a company. As an agent the more you are dedicated, the more you grow as an individual, USHEALTH Advisors never limits any agents potential. Check more US Health Advisors  jobs at

The salaries for the agents of USHEALTH Advisors are attractive ranging from a close figure of $ 72055 per year for the person holding the Management Analyst position. For the Program Manager, the approximation is at $ 78730 per year. The USHEALTH Group serves a broad range of clients, and this is why everyone associated with the company is successful as well. The innovative health coverage packages set the company apart from any other insurance company. USHEALTH Advisors have their headquarters located in Dallas in Texas, and the team’s slogan is Helping Other People Every day (HOPE). Learn more:


A Career With USHealth Group

Randy Hildebrandt is one young man with big dreams and a growing family to support. He did all the right things to start a glowing career. He was born in Texas and had big dreams about starting a big career. He worked hard and started out pursuing an athletic career in baseball. However, circumstances changed and Hildebrandt decided to focus on obtaining a degree in business. Things did not work out as planned and Hildebrandt searched for other opportunities that would provide him with a better life. At this point, Hildebrandt decided to pursue a career with USHealth Group.  Stay up to date with USHealth Group at LinkedIn.

A Career With USHealth Group

The fact is that a large number of college graduates find it difficult to find a job in their college major. Many wait tables or flip burgers to make ends meet and feed their family. Randy Hildebrandt was one of those recent college graduates taking low paying jobs to pay the bills. However, Hildebrandt was presented with an opportunity to join USHealth Group, selling insurance. Hildebrandt worked diligently to achieve success at USHealth Group. His diligence and dedication to his new career paid off. Today, Randy Hildebrandt is a very successful USHealth Group Advisor and Satellite Division Leader. Randy Hildebrandt is only one of the many success stories at USHealth Group. Randy states that the decision to work at USHealth was difficult. However, sometimes it just takes a leap of faith, to make the right career move. Visit to know more about USHealth Group

USHealth Group Gives Back To The Community

Certainly, USHealth Group provides a very rewarding career to thousands of intelligent and industrious people. The company also gives back to the community too. USHealth Group devotes considerable time and money to assist people in the local community through the HOPE Plan or Helping Other People Everyday. This organization strives to make life just a bit better for people living in the community. USHealth started the project to help people in the community back in 2010 with Troy McQuagge leading the project. In addition, it is important to note that Troy McQuagg and the USHealth Group have partnered with several other organizations to bring positive change to the local community. Visit :