Some Simple Tips for Making it as a Youtube Sensation

Some who do the youtube thing are looking for their fifteen minutes. Some are looking to build a brand. Some are looking to educate their audience on certain subjects. Some youtubers are like Wengie.

Wengie is the latest famous youtuber from Australia. All Wengie is looking to do is brighten up someone’s life with her brand of beauty. What is so special about Wengie’s brand? She speaks about beauty and makeup. Wengie is all about educating on women and men on how to make the most of their look and makeup.
How cool is that?

Are you looking to do the same thing with your channel? Are you looking to build your own brand on the needs of a select few? If this is you, read on farther. I have some tips to help you build your channel/brand. I am here to help you make the most of your channel traffic.

1)The first step is in deciding what you want to do with your brand. Establish what you are looking to achieve with your channel. Are you looking to do something temporary? Are you looking to make this a career, more of a long term thing? Once you know why you are here, you can then move forward with your own unique approach.

2)The next thing you need to think about is how much you want to out yourself out there. Some want to put themselves out just a bit. There is nothing wrong with this approach. But, move forward knowing you won’t be a s big as others are. Being bi might not be your angle. There is nothing wrong with this either.

Some are looking to really put themselves out there and be big. The more videos and publicity you do for yourself, the more of audience you will have.

3)How much money do you want to make. Some are only going to view this in the short-term, which is fine. No matter how big or small you are, you are going to need investors. You won’t be able to do anything much unless you have at least one investor. Get in touch with a youtuber like Wengie. Find out out she did it. You will need this knowledge to back up your dreams.


As Wengie has said time and again, it’s all about trail and error. Follow her on Twitter to keep up with her videos. Only through the trial and error can you find yourself. Good luck.