Compliance and Ethics Officers Need More Authority

Results of a new study show that there has been an increase in the number of compliance officers hired by companies. Lack of empowerment and inadequate training has led to the number of corporate scandals to remain constant.

Kevin Wilson, the CEO of Sterling Management, a practice-management-consulting company based in Los Angeles, says, “compliance officers simply have no power, knowledge or authority to act on the increased cases.”
I agree that the compliance officer’s position is filled with critical thinking gaps, little or no authority and people working in the wrong department.
I believe that salary contributes to the low reputation of this position. For example, the Volkswagen, the emissions software scandal led to massive losses by the company and severely damaged their reputation.
The average salary of a compliance officer in 2013 was $64,340. However, they are expected to exert their authority over executives, who earn 50 times more in bonuses alone. Having someone with a pile of papers serving as a compliance officer devalues the position.
I disagree with the notion that that power or lack of it the sole reason for the inability of the ethics officer to stop the scandals.
Companies need to increase the independence of the position and give the position the singular focus it deserves to enhance their effectiveness. I noted that very few CEOs wear the compliance officer’s hat. Normally, it is an afterthought or a secondary responsibility.
Based on the observations above I conclude only if the right person is chosen for the job can the position be of influence. The core CCO competencies are a sound business understanding, high integrity, discretion, sound judgment, understanding legal materials and excellent communication skills.
I believe that Compliance officers need autonomy, authority and the full backing of all the stakeholders in the business. If not, they risk throwing the entire company to the wolves.

Helane Morrison is a career lawyer. She has served as a director of enforcement programs in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco District Office. Her intention is to ensure the maintenance of the offices aggressive during her tenure as the office administrator. She was the first woman to serve as district chief.
Morrison practiced law up to 1996 defending clients facing legal action instigated by the SEC and brokerage firms facing suits brought forward by customers. This experience helped her understand all compliance related issues.
To learn more about Helane’s career and life, connect with her on LinkedIn or find her on Crunchbase.

FreedomPop Raises Big Money for Huge Global Network

FreedomPop keeps growing. The company also keeps raising money. The growth and the continued infusion of capital is thanks to the positive reception by consumers. People want an exceptional budget phone service. The niche of consumers for FreedomPop service is growing to include travelers. Anyone who may be moving throughout the globe is going to enjoy reading some good news. FreedomPop has raised $50 million to support inexpensive global roaming for world travelers. Re/Code has the whole interesting story.

FreedomPop’s current plan is to create a global hotspot that can be accessed in 25 countries. Travelers moving throughout these 25 countries can do so without any worries. The service is going to work smoothly and customers are able to use their phone, text, and data service without any problems.

Access to the hotspot costs a one-time fee of $49. The SIM card necessary to use a phone in these regions costs a mere $10. FreedomPop made its name by offering free monthly service. 200 megabytes of data is available totally for free with the global hotspot service deals.

Major companies do provide global network coverage, but those plans come with massively high monthly costs. FreedomPop presents a budget option for travelers, and this should open new opportunities for the company to make huge sales. One reason FreedomPop costs so little is the company doesn’t engage in costly advertising. So, it is up to users of the service to spread the good word. Free media reports help as well. So far, FreedomPop’s sales figures have been fine. The company is doing well in both the United States and in Europe. FreedomPop has over one million subscribers in the United States. The million-customer mark is a possibility in the U.K. in the near future.

Brazilian Health Secretary Sergio Cortes Visits Xerém To Assess The Disease Level

Xerém is one of those quaint Brazilian cities that time forget. It is a quiet mountainous town with a meandering river running through it. When one of Brazil’s frequent spring rains hit the city the first week of January, the residents knew that this was not going to be an ordinary storm, and it wasn’t. The Capivari River started to swell and overflow from the more than 8 inches of rain that battered the town for 24 hours. The flood devastated the city.

When the rain stopped, garbage filled the wet, muddy streets, and more than 255 people lost their homes. The city’s government reacted quickly, and so did the federal government. The city put up a shelter for the homeless, and the federal government sent its top medical professional, Dr. Sergio Cortes, and his team to assess the potential for a disease outbreak.

The city of Xerém sits about 30 miles north of Rio de Janeiro and areas around the city have always been breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes. The flood exacerbated those areas and created new ones. Dr. Cortes and his team according to a twitter post brought 3,000 antibiotic pills, and some calamity kits with them as well as enough sodium hypochlorite to start a drinking water cleaning process. One of the first requests Dr.Cortes had when he arrived was for the city to request bottled water from donors.

The biggest threat that Cortes faced was an outbreak of the Zika virus as well as leptospirosis, according to an article published by The Cortes medical team on Linked In started an education program at the makeshift shelter, so the victims of the flood would recognize symptoms of the diseases that might develop from the pools of filthy water around the city.

Fortunately, President Dilma Rousseff decided to send the army to areas in the north of Brazil to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds, and he strongly suggested that Xerém should be high on the list of cities that would receive the mosquito eradication treatment. Between the garbage, pooling water, dirty living conditions and lack of clean water, Xerém was a prime candidate for an outbreak of one or more of the diseases that are creating a major health issue for the people of Northern Brazil.

Dr. Cortes is one of the top health professionals in the country. To read more about Dr. Cortes visit his LinkedIn page. Cortes often tweets as well.

Learn More About Eucatex Company

Flavio Maluf Acts As The President Of The Eucatex Company, And He Has Been Actively Involved In The Firm’s Affairs For Over 30 Years. He Is An Accomplished Mechanical Engineer, An Entrepreneur, And A Lawyer. His Father, Paulo Maluf, Was A Brazilian Politician. The Maluf Family Is The Legal Administrators Of The Eucatex Firm. Flavio Maluf Graduated From The Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation That Is Located In Sao Paolo. He Has Also Lived Briefly In The United States, Where He Attended The New York University. He Managed To Graduate With A Qualification In Business Administration.

Flavio Maluf Started Working For The Eucatex Company In 1987, as a part of joining the family business. He Served For Quite Some Time Before Moving To The Industrial Area In 1996. The Same Year Saw Him Becoming The Chief Executive Officer Of Eucatex Group Of Companies. He Initiated Collaboration With Other Investors, Something That Made The Company Post Good Results. He Was In Charge Of Modernization In The Company And In 2010, Flavio Maluf Steered The Enterprise In Opening Many Branches. One Of The Plants Was Opened In Salto That Is Located In Sao Paolo. His Facebook shows that Flavio Is Active In Making Contributions To Philanthropic Causes That Are Of Benefit To The Society. He Has Made Donations That Have Made An Impact On Many Hospitals And Maternity Idio Carli.

Eucatex Company Was Launched In 1951, And It Was The First Brazilian Company To Specialize In Working On Issues Related To The Environment And Acoustic Comfort. The Company Became Famous For Using Eucalyptus For The Production Of Ceiling Panels And Tiles. Its Area Of Specialization Is In The Furniture And Construction Industries. Since It Started Working In The Furniture Business, It Has Involved Itself In Leasing And Forestry Partnership With Other Organizations. All The Groups And Organizations That Have Had A Partnership With The Company Have Greatly Benefited.

The Environmental Education Program Has Immensely Assisted The Students Who Are In Need. Most Of The Products That Are Produced By The Eucatex Company Are Exported To Other Countries, Something That Has Led To The Company Registering A Lot Of Profits For The Venture. Flavio Maluf Has Ensured That The Company Succeeds In Exports, And He Has Proved To Be A Confident And Knowledgeable Businessman. This Is Because He Has Been Able To Build A Business From Startup To An Enterprise With Global Presence. Flavio Has Been At The Forefront In Ensuring That The Company Has A Workforce Of A Competent And Experienced Group Of Executives Who Are Capable Of Understanding Both The Brazilian And The Global Market.  There are a ton of cool articles about what Flavio has been doing to help new Entrepreneurs in Brazil.  All of which are definitely worth a read.

Coriant Turn To Shaygan Kheradpir To Develop The Company For The Future

The telecommunications industry seems to have always been dominated by the same few companies who have built a traditionally strong reputation. However, in 2013 the industry saw a major shift with the arrival of Coriant in the industry that will place a challenge upon the traditional giants of the industry. In just over two years the company has made a deep impact on the telecommunications industry in the form of clients being found in around 100 countries, and an increase in employees to over 3,000.

Shaygan Kheradpir will now be responsible for providing the leadership the company hopes will provide a new era in the development of wireless communications and optical networking. Kheradpir takes the place of former CEO Pat DiPietro, who returns to his former role within the parent Marlin Equity Partners company. Kheradpir has been working alongside the executives at Marlin and Coriant for the majority of 2015 in a bid to conduct a complete review of the company, which will soon see the Cornell University graduate look to make major changes to increase the profits of the company.

Kheradpir has worked his magic as a technology and business executive in the past, which includes his skills as a business leader being shown during his time working with Verizon. Despite being the largest wireless communications company in the U.S., Kheradpir managed to lower the costs of their IT department by using innovative techniques. The skills he developed as a business leader has seen Kheradpir embark on a career as an executive at financial and technology companies throughout the world.

Coriant are hoping the profitability of the company can be improved under Kheradpir; the company not only hopes the new CEO can create a new era of higher profits, but also hopes the company will develop new technologies in a reduced amount of time. Shaygan Kheradpir has already begun working on improvements for the company, which will be designed to allow the company the opportunity to break the monopoly of the best known companies in the communications industry.

Competition Gets Stiffer For Dog Food Makers

Richard Thompson, the CEO of a small gourmet-food maker, obsesses over the quality of products that roll off the production line of his company. For this reason, he only makes use of fresh ingredients, eschews preservatives and works to ensure that the time the meals sit on shelves is limited. This ensures that they still have exploding flavor when consumed. To prove how delectable the dog food is, Michael Hieger pops a piece of the dog food into his mouth. He goes on to comment that it tastes just like thanksgiving. All this is going on at the Freshpet Inc. located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This company is the only one in the market to produce industrial refrigerated dog food in the world. The company is jostling for a top spot in the $23.7 billion pet-food industry. Over the years, pet-food makers have been offering a blend of lamb salmon in their kibble and providing organic grain-free food. However, in the wake of the competition offered by startups like Blue Buffalo Co. and Freshpet, traditional pet-food makers are taking their marketing a notch higher. The fresh and healthy movement has found its way from human to pet foods. Various companies are offering various types of food. Colgate-Palmolive has a line of dog food that will help your pet lose weight. Nestle’s Purina offers a website in which dog owners can customize special blends. Mars Petcare is also tapping into the farm-to-table trend with its line, Nutro Farm’s Harvest, that consists of blueberries and cranberries. Among the key players in the provision of high quality is a company that is no stranger in the market. Beneful has set high ingredient standards to ensure that safety becomes the number one priority when it comes to making dog food. Beneful boasts a committed team of workers that work to meet the physical as well as the emotional needs of pets and pet owners all over the world. The quality of the Beneful products offered is enough to leave pet owners feeling confident. The original article can be accessed by clicking on this link.

Securus Technologies Introduces New Technologies For The Corrections Institutions

Securus Technologies has been at the heart of the corrections and law enforcement industry for a number of years, which has seen the company take up a leading role in providing telecommunications and inmate communication monitoring. The latest technology has been introduced by Securus to prisons across North America where the need to monitor the interactions of inmates is of great importance. Needing to make sure any interactions between inmates are closely monitored makes sense to myself and to the prison authorities who are always on guard to make sure they are aware of suspicious behavior that could later become a problem.

Securus is a name known to myself and the majority of major corrections agencies in the world, largely because of the high level of sophistication the company has recently introduced. At the end of 2015 Securus began adding to its sales team with employees we can all see are of the highest quality and I believe will bring the company a large amount of success in the future. Keeping all of us safe by monitoring inmate phone calls and communication is the aim of Securus, who I became aware of soon after their establishment, which has been followed by the video visitation technology developed being used by more than 3,000 law enforcement agencies across North America.

After researching the THREADS 3.1 software recently introduced by Securus I was impressed by the high level of attention to detail that seems to have taken place. This software allows telecommunications and inmate interactions to be monitored by corrections institution staff members at all times. By allowing this level of monitoring to take place the chance for investigators to gain a head start on any suspicious behavior is greater than ever before. Learn more about the app by contacting Securus’ customer service stellar employees, or visit the following link to see what people are saying about it.

Nobilis’ Healthcare Leads In Improvements For Patients and Investors

With a focus on high ethical standards, various healthcare companies continue to improve the lives of their clients. It is wonderful be a part of a caring and top quality-company such as Nobilis Health. Formerly known as Northstar Healthcare Inc. the company sought the name change as they develop within U.S. capital markets. What makes Northstar unique is that they work hand in hand with physicians in overseeing, including proprietorship in several acute and ambulatory health and patient care services in the U.S. Some of the ways that the health company provides patient care admittance and appreciated results is that they strive in providing the best procedures (minimally invasive) to be accomplished at a lower cost, saving for everyone involved. Never overlooking high-quality care, they implement straight-to-patient advertising and exclusive know-how technologies when it comes to every aspect of patient health care, including often neglected area of education. With offices that include Minnesota, Oregon and New Jersey, they offer medical clinics, outpatient surgical facilities and more. They are experts at many procedures such as those performed on the spine, bariatric and those for pain management. Successful for patients, it also offers proven records for investors due to its high growth rate, particularly for mergers and acquisitions. The year 2014 saw the company obtain the First Nobilis Hospital (formerly Arizona’s Freedom Pain Hospital) with a price tag of more than $3 million dollars. This branched out their ability in working with many highly-skilled surgeons throughout the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Also it allows the hospital to accomplish many multifaceted surgeries and form new working relationships with physicians and their specialties. In the spring of 2015, Nobilis Health participated in a conference to bring attention to its financial outcome covering its year end. While the fourth quarter witnessed declining markets globally, Nobilis however was among the top picks among investment analysts.

Medical Staffing Made Easy

Brian Torchin is the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors ,Llc. The Pennsylvania former physician Brian Torchin has extensive experience in the medical field, being a chiropractor himself, Brian understands the needs and challenges of a medical practice. Along with the Health Care Recruitment Counselors, Brian Torchin dreamed that they could provide their health care clientele with the best health care staff possible, a point he’s dedicated to making on Twitter. They achieved that dream. They provide staffing for everyday of the week and even nights. The company vows to provide quality staffing everytime. Brian Torchin cares so much about this industry that he even posts blogs weekly talking about different topics of the field, educating those who may not be as knowledgeable as he is. The HCRC works specifically with chiropractic private practices search for employees.They also work with hospitals looking to fill medical jobs and physical therapy. The HCRC provides consulting, background checks, and training to help any practice run smoothly, and it’s all a part of the healthcare industry working to staff new jobs.

On his Google + Brian Torchin says “The biggest challenge is having the ability to find staff quickly”. Every week that you are not billing, you are losing thousands of dollars. With experience as a chiropractor in a private practice himself, Brian Torchin is the best candidate for this job. He is becoming the top medical staffer in the world, with services branching in Europe and Asia, Canada and Australia. He states that they can find your medical staff in 48 hours. Brian Torchin still practices as a chiropractor in Philadelphia, Pa on 2800 w Dauphin st 19019, and is amazing with back pain, neck pain , and stiffness.

In a staffing agency, there isn’t a lot of stability with the workers. With Health Care Recruitment Counselors and Brian Torchin, they make sure they do an in depth check on each recruit candidate. Torchin is a trusted member in the industry, and with him at the job you will receive the best staffing possible.

Buyers Yielding More Power In Luxury Real Estate Market

The top New York apartments for rent firm has recently released the results of their study concerning sales growth and prices. Both appear to have had a strong second and third quarter outcome. This data was collaborated and released through their quarterly Aggregate news letter.

After all of the data was broken down and analyzed, it seems the greatest level of growth has come from price per square foot. The condominium prices were a close second with co-ops coming in third. These and more data analysis were released through Virtual Strategy Marketing.

What the data shows is that despite a small speed bump in the sales road in Manhattan this past Fall, both prices and sales are at an all time high. These trends are showing no signs of slowing and the market remains strong.

One of the fastest growing segments in this luxury sales market remains as the new developments. Newly built units are remaining as the strongest segment. This does not discount the historic buildings or the older properties. These are still moving, they are just not netting the same level of interest as the newer developments.

An interesting point that is noted within this release is the fact that buyers have the bulk of the power. They have the money, the desire to buy, but are awaiting prices to drop a bit. These buyers are not jumping on the properties when they are released. Instead they are waiting for deals to surface that make the purchase well worth their money.

This new found power by the buyers is causing an interesting trend to surface. That trend is properties spending more time on the market. As the luxury listing spends more time on the listing roster the eventual outcome are prices being cut to move the property.