Three Unique DIY School Supplies Crafted by Wengie

School shopping is done, lunches are packed, and the buses are fueled to pick you up in the morning. Going back to school is a stressful time for both children and adults, so it is important to find things to look forward to. Wengie is here to help with that through the use of her DIY school supplies video that is perfect for standing out in a way that will benefit your academics and hopefully has you make some new friends.


  1. Make Your Own USB Holders


There are so many cute erasers in the world, but so few adorable USB holders! Thankfully, Wengie found a way to combine the two in a way that is simple and incredibly epic.


Begin with finding a cute, unique eraser. Using a knife and pair of scissors, cut it in half and begin digging a hole that will encase your USB. Though this can be time consuming, the end result is worth it. Of course, repeat the process on the other side to ensure that the USB will be properly protected when not in use.


  1. Goodbye Pencil Shavings, Hello Cute Holder


A typical pencil sharpener cannot sharpen your pencil without leaving a mess of shavings in its wake. In order to save your backpack or desk from these shavings, simply take a tic tac holder and glue the sharpener to the portion that the tic tacs would come out of. You can decorate the holder to your liking, too! In her video, the blogger made an adorable mini-Starbucks cup for her holder.


  1. Customize Your Paper Clips


Sure, paper clips come in a vast array of colors, but they are comparatively boring otherwise. Thankfully, you can carefully bend them into cute shapes, including hearts. The finished product can hold your papers in place and serve a decorative purpose perfect for customizing your notebooks, planners, backpacks, and even your clothes.


How Richard Blair Has Impacted the Growth of Businesses and Wealth Management

Many people with property are torn in a dilemma on whether to rent their house to Airbnb or to keep it. This is a question that can be addressed if the major factors surrounding the benefits that are available are looked into.

Note that temporary renters can damage your house in a manner that your insurance agency may not to cover. The eventuality of such a step may be landing into legal and financial problems that were not foreseen. Below are issues you should consider to make the right decision for renting to Airbnb.

Having tenants comes with many risks and responsibilities. Accepting tenants to your property automatically assigns you the liability of ensuring any injuries sustained by guests, damage done to your neighbor and illegal deals are all your responsibility. Some tenants may also decide not to pay during some months and this could make it challenging for you to plan for improvement or to make the best of your investment.

Insurance coverage
Most insurance policies do not accept short-term rentals, so this becomes your personal responsibility to ensure all expenses that are incurred by guests are catered for. You may have to consider getting protection from Airbnb if the resources you have are exhausted and the options available are not the best way you can protect your property.

Airbnb protection
Airbnb offers protection but their terms allow you to go for it as a secondary option when all the other sources are exhausted. Looking at the above issues should shine some light to allow you make a decision on whether accepting short-term guests is a viable idea. During this process, it is advisable to get in touch with a wealth investment manager like Richard Blair for advice.

About Richard Blair Wealth Solutions
Richard Blair is an established financial adviser and a Tax Specialist with over 20 years of experience working in the financial services industry. He founded Wealth Solutions, which has been providing advice on retirement planning, wealth management and investment strategies that are customized to fit the needs of specific individuals.

Based in Austin, Texas, Richard Blair has been helping families, affluent people and business owners to make decisions. He is a graduate from University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Through Wealth Solutions, Blair has helped many people accomplish their financial and personal goals and his advice has been useful in elevating businesses in various industries.

Brian Bonar Is One Of The Driving Forces Behind MG2 Partners In San Diego

Brian Bonar’s name keeps popping up around the San Diego area, and there is a good reason why that happens. According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is one of those entrepreneurs that has a hand in several business ventures. Bonar is the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, the Chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Services, and the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

He is a real estate developer, and he is a restaurateur and philanthropist. He is also one of the Principals in MG2 Partners. MG2 Partners is a worldwide company that focuses on planning, interior design, consulting services, architectural design, and brand strategy. MG2 Partners works with clients that are entering new retail markets or are introducing new formats. Companies that need help establishing their brand or new help expanding their business call on MG2 Partners for help.

Brian Bonar decided to join one of the largest architecture firms in the nation not just because his thinking process and problem-solving abilities needed another challenge. He joined MG2 because he loves the retail business, and MG2 is one of the top retail design firms on the planet.

Bonar’s new French Bistro and his development project in the San Diego area prove that he is a man that has diverse interests and a strong sense of what consumers want. Bonar’s success started when he attended James Watt Technical College and earned a degree in technical engineering.

He received his Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. from Stafford University. Brian’s knowledge, personality, and sense of business procedures make him a great leader and a problem-solver. The success that Bonar has enjoyed over the last 30 years only partially defines the man. Brian has been very active in the San Diego community, and his charitable donations have helped organizations feed the hungry and promote education.

When Brian was honored by the Cambridge, Who’s Who® executive committee in 2015, he accepted the award with grace and humility. Bonar has achieved a level of material success that few people experience in life, but he never forgot the people that work with and for him to make that success possible.

Brian Bonar has received several awards through the years, but he is still an approachable guy that cares about his family, his businesses, his city, and his country. San Diego is fortunate to have a man like Bonar promoting the city on a worldwide platform like MG2 Partners.

His profile sums up his goals in life. Brian thinks that his passion in life is leading high-performance teams that excel in their field. He also is a catalyst for creating, developing and delivering design solutions with the team of experts he surrounds himself with. He builds trust with his clients and appreciates every opportunity that comes his way.

Talk Fusion Succeeds In Its Industry

Is Talk Fusion that right video marketing service for a person’s particular needs? The answer can be found in a 30-day free trial program. Talk Fusion has developed a comprehensive Video Marketing Solution, which may be able to help business ventures succeed immensely. All the positive statements about the service do not reflect the actual experience. The 30-day free trial does deliver the actual experience.

Talk Fusion is sure to gain more subscribers thanks to the free trial. The associate program may end up generating more money for affiliated entrepreneurs as well. All in all, CEO Bob Reina has helped craft a solid marketing endeavor that was born out of a desire to overcome the limitations of a corporate giant. Basically, Reina was not thrilled that AOL’s email system lacked the capabilities to send a video message. Refusing to accept these limitations, Reina choose to work with partners to develop a reliable video email concept. He succeeded. The legacy of Reina’s success is Talk Fusion, a very successful company.

The company has moved beyond email marketing and has added many other services available for subscribers. The video chat developed by Talk Fusion absolutely does deserve the acclaim it is receiving. The acclaim is coming not only in the form of customer approval, but via industry awards. The 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award was bestowed upon the video chat.

Live meetings, video newsletters, and sign-up forms are among the additional services listed on the Talk Fusion catalog. The company has been able to generate a significant amount of revenue through the sales of these services. The revenue is being put towards a host of extremely good causes.

Bob Reina is committed to a host of philanthropic endeavors. Reina has helped fund good charitable causes in the United States and around the world. All of this has done a lot of good and will continue to do good.

ICMediaDirect Reveals New Strategies For Effective Online Reputation Management.

ICMedialDirect is a public relation, and online reputation management agency that is changing the way companies manage their brand information. The company which has won several awards before revealed that it has formulated ways to manage online reputations even at a time when many organizations are struggling to formulate viable and responsive digital media advertising. The new strategies according to the firm aim at suppressing the unfavorable publicity in the search engine results and giving hope to hundreds of companies and individuals who want to portray a positive message to their audience online.

The first thing to do according to the Reputation Defenders from ICMedialDirect is for businesses to monitor their online activities regularly to ensure that a reputation management plan is implemented as quickly as possible before it causes too much damage to the company brand. Companies need to keep an eye on their brand mentions, individuals close to their brands, brand ambassadors, online reviews, and agencies that market their brand who can sometimes be proactive in their approach to the online reputation.

If you or your company has subscribed to Google Alerts, it allows the users to receive email updates on the changes in Google results that features the brand mentions. If you want to monitor activities connected to a certain brand across the various social media platforms, it is important to use the Social Mention tool to track what people are saying about the various keywords that are related to your brand.

The fundamental pillar on the internet is managing information appearing on the web. The good news is that ICMediaDirect recommends analysis of all the online listings that are connected to your brand. Some of the listings include Google Places, Social Media, local directories, and locations media. Companies may have little control over what people can say about their brands in social media, but you can shape and influence the conversations through proactive brand messaging. Using the latest marketing technologies such as storytelling and videos can boost the brand and shape the conversations online.



Proposed Projects for the New York City’s Real Estate Industry

Most of the New York City’s major real estate developments that were officially proposed in June were huge office projects with the Tishman Speyer’s approximately 1million-square-foot project being the biggest. The Speyer’s project will be carried out in Long Island City. Thor Equities’ nearly 645,103-square foot project is the second biggest. Three of the 10 proposed projects are residential buildings; the sixth one is a hotel, while the rest are office buildings based in Queens and Brooklyn.

Queens Plaza project

The project will consist of two towers of 27 stories containing an office space of 900,509 square feet and 27, 569 square feet manufacturing center. Tishman Speyer will develop the project. The project is located near two Gotham Center, which was developed by Speyer.

Thor Equities’ residential project

Thor Equities will convert the Revere Sugar Refinery into a 645,103 square feet residential building. The building will be located in Brooklyn’s Richards Street.

Steiner NYC’s project

The real estate development firm, Steiner NYC, led by Doug Steiner will construct a building of 249,489-square-foot. Approximately 126,000 square feet is for industrial use while 74,000 will house a supermarket.

OTL Enterprises and Delshah capital office project

These two developers plan to construct a 150,431 square-foot office building in the Downtown Brooklyn area.

Omni New York’s residential rental project (Bronx’s area)
Omni New York is a real estate development firm owned by Eugene Schneur and Mo Vaughn. The developer plans to build 148,318 square feet residential building.

NYCHA’s Office building project

NYCHA is planning to build a 122,955 office building in the Manhattan area.

Other projects include a 31-story hotel in Midtown, Manhattan by Hidrock Realty, an office building of size 77,228 square-feet in Flushing, Queens, and 14-story retail and office building located in Manhattan’s Green Village. The 10th project is a 57,996-square-foot building in the Manhattan’s Midtown area.

Town Residential

Town Residential is a leading NYC real estate company established in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, who serves as Co-chairman and CEO. In less than a decade, Town Residential has established itself has the major provider of unique real estate services. It specializes in the sale of luxury residential property, leasing, and marketing.

The company has received several awards in the real estate sector. The firm is a partnership of Thor Equities, LLC and Residential Brokerage LLC. A team of highly experienced real estate veterans leads Town Residential.

How George Soros Saved Ukraine By Avoiding the Mistakes of Putin’s Russia

Ukraine is looking to recover its economy after the recent crisis that left the country reeling with huge international debts. Combined with the extreme political and economic reforms that the contemporary Ukraine is looking to introduce, these initiatives have the potential to transform the country into a business friendly location for investment.

These reforms can also work for Russia, and as time goes by, the Russians will demand similar initiatives to transform their country. Because of the resultant problems of the euro, the EU leaders have eventually become masters crisis management. The contemporary Ukraine, in retrospect, is motivated by the revolution that helped the country to embark on a journey toward economic recovery in February 2014.

If Ukraine’s allies integrated the sanctions versus Russia with effective help for Ukraine, the propaganda will have little or no effect in the quest to obscure the clear fact that Russia’s woes, both political and economic are a result of the Putin’s administration. Obviously, Europe and the US can outbid Russia’s economy, meaning that bailing out a struggling nation will have a major impact on the entire EU region.

Surprising, even a budget of hundreds of billions is a meager fraction of the total expenditure of the EU members. But, Europe is barely growing economically and the member states are clamoring to decrease their support when it comes to footing the EU expenses. Many of those in Parliament and federal government are scores of volunteers and like-minded people who have chosen to give up lucrative jobs to serve their country. And, the reformers are also up in arms in protest to the policies and hostile tactics of Vladimir Putin, who wants to destabilize Ukraine since the governance of this administration has done more harm than good.

Read more:
George Soros – Forbes

Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

The general public recognized straight away that things had actually altered for the better. Saakashvili was an innovative leader who initially stamped out corruption, however, he ultimately turned it into a state monopoly. George Soros recommends passing substantial legislation, replete with the desire to repay every dime to the International Monetary Fund as stipulated in the 2012 agreement.

Although Russia remains in a deepening financial crisis, Putin’s efforts did not bear fruit, meaning that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel had to intervene. But, to make sure Ukraine’s survival and encourage personal investment, Western powers have to make a political dedication to supply added sums, depending on the degree of the Russian attack and the success of Ukraine’s reforms.

According to George Soros, treating Ukraine like Russia is unfair. Russia was unable to repay the debt after the bailout by the EU. However, Ukraine is willing to honor the memorandum of understanding that was signed in 2012. Also, the EU knows that bailing Ukraine out is in its best interests since the economic crisis in Ukraine has resulted to the degradation of the Euro and the region at large.

Learn more George Soros:

VTA Publications New System Takes Guesswork Out of Learning Finance

Jim Hunt is about to make the general public more confident about investing their money. As one of the top minds in the world of finance, he has found a variety of different ways to succeed by reinventing himself. Hunt is doing so once again by teaching others through the creation of an application that makes it easy for the average person to understand the financial world along with how to spot good investments and develop appropriate strategies.

Individuals become financial experts because they learn the industry inside and out, usually over a long period of time. Some of that learning involves a lot of guesswork. What Hunt’s system, published through VTA Publications Ltd., will do is take the guesswork out of learning the financial industry, helping potential investors find the best resource to provide revenue on their investment.

What the VTA system does well is bring multiple points of view together to help people learn, so those wanting to learn about investing not only learn how things work, but why they work. Hunt’s system puts this information into language and concepts that most people can relate to, thus ensure that the knowledge will stay with them long after the course is finished.

VTA Publications was established in 2012 to provide online distance learning courses to individuals across the world who seek new information. The company provides its customers with cutting-edge information services that center on the fields of economics and finance.

Why Advance Planning Is Important: Some Reputation Crises Cannot Be Avoided

A reputation crisis hits a business hard, but if the organization is an online reputation management firm, it’s especially difficult to suffer a public relations nightmare. People assume that the reputation management firm, which in this case was Status Labs, should have been proactive and never let anything tarnish the company’s image, but, unfortunately, there was nothing Status Labs could do in this case. Controversial actions of an executive, who is no longer with Status Labs, put the company in the news, even though the person was acting outside of his role at the company.

No company can control the actions of executives while they are enjoying their free time, nevertheless, Status Labs was in an excellent position to recover their good name since they had already helped more than 1,000 clients improve their online reputation. Status Labs knew that they had to raise company morale and get more involved in the community, which the company did. Finally, Status Labs became much more vigilant regarding new hires, which is a practice that every company should adopt since a key employee’s behavior outside of work can impact a company’s stature.

Status Labs is a global reputation management firm that helps businesses and high-profile individuals regain or maintain their favorable online status. Growing rapidly, Status Labs had to relocate to a larger Manhattan office to accommodate the company’s growing team of employees after just one year in their old office. Currently, Status Labs provides reputation management, public relations and online marketing services to clients worldwide.

Status Labs president, Darius Maxwell Fisher, founded the company to help client’s enhance their online image and increase their digital footprint, so it was ironic when the Status Lab’s own reputation took a beating. Fisher, however, learned the importance of being proactive and maintaining a positive image so one employee’s mistake does not define the company. Fisher did so well at redefining Status Lab’s image that now, whenever a reputation crisis is unfolding, the media turns to Fisher for commentary as the head of a leading reputation management company. Follow them on Instagram @statuslabs to learn more about the company.

Workville: NYC’s Finest Coworking Space

Workville New York offices for rent are great for when you’re in need of a workplace for your own business, or looking to be surrounded by other entrepreneurs who may be your next clients, or even your new partners. Located in the heart of Manhattan, Workville is near all the action at Times Square, and not too far down the road from the financial district. When you rent a coworking space from Workville NYC, you can setup operations in an open lounge area, or get your own private desk area complete with phone service. You also get mail service, accessible WiFi, coffee, printers and fax machines, and you can reserve conference rooms for your business meetings, or even reserve space for private parties after hours. Workville NYC has just about everything you could ask for in a coworking space hall, and newcomers can request a tour of the place.

What Workville brings is a new approach to how businesses will be run in the future, and even now some traditional fortune 500 companies are migrating towards this new trend. According to Harvard Business Review, it’s especially resonating well with millenials, like ones who do freelance or independent contractor work and are looking for a community of entrepreneurs to work alongside of. This is because while working at home has its perks, most young people don’t want to feel they’re without a social life, and working from a co-working space can fill some of the voids they might feel working at home alone.

Sometimes intertwined with Co-working spaces, are Co-living spaces, housing that’s provided within the co-working facility confines with all the amenities needed for life outside of work. This isn’t nearly as popular yet as co-working, but it is a growing idea that co-working space networks are starting to incorporate alongside their places of business. What makes these places more attractive to young people is that they are no longer faced with paying hefty rent rates or making large office space purchases for their needs, but instead can pay cheaper rates just for their own personal work spaces. Should co-living start becoming the norm, occupants will no longer have to worry about traveling to their coworking space every day and may save money in the long run.