Nitin Khanna, a Determined Serial Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna is the a typical success story that is borne out of hard work and sheer determination. Nitin who is an immigrant from India has made a name for himself in the world of business. Only a few people are brave enough to take the risks that tag along with establishing a business. Nitin is that one courageous person that did not look down upon himself as an ordinary immigrant but believed in himself that he too could live the American dream by starting his own business. Nitin is a serial entrepreneur with interests in early-stage startups.

Nitin Khanna was born and raised in Ambala City in India. Nitin in pursuit for education attended The Lawrence School, Sanawar which is a boarding school based in India. Being a son of a colonel Nitin from a tender age was taught the importance of being disciplined in life. After relocating to the US, Nitin joined Purdue University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. Nitin also holds a Masters of Industrial Engineering from the same University.

Nitin entrepreneurship journey began in the year 1998 when he founded his first company Saber corp. Saber corp was a company that specialized in the provision of state services on behalf of the United States government such as the issuance of drivers’ licenses, vehicle registration and voters registrations among others. Under Nitin Khanna leadership the company grew in leaps and bounds to become one of the largest providers of government solutions services in the US that provided employment to over a thousand people and generated more than 100 million dollars in revenue. In 2007 an acquisition opportunity presented itself and Nitin sold the company to EDS at a tune of 460 million dollars. After Saber acquisition by EDS Nitin continued to serve in the organization until the following year when HP purchased EDS. By the time Nitin was leaving the firm revenue had risen to 300 million dollars and provided employment to over 1500 people. See his story here

Nitin Khanna latest venture is Merger Tech, a company that he formed in the year 2009. Merger Tech is an investment firm that focuses on providing mergers and acquisitions advice including investing in startups that have the potential for growth.

Jingdong Insights Into Environmental Conservation


E-commerce is here to stay and has revolutionized the way people conduct business. It has created convenience for customers in such that they can purchase what they want at wherever they are. The advancement has generated new opportunities for retailers such as The company believes that retailers must actively take steps which allow for sustainable global consumption. JD foundation is an affiliate of and it focuses on sustainability and coordination in the innovative world.

Promoting Sustainability

The key components of Jingdong Foundation are sustainability which leads to e-commerce companies making a difference. Jingdong Mall focuses on waste reduction through the removal of excess waste from the process of delivery., for instance, allows its customers to return delivery boxes for recycling and reuse; it promotes this culture across retail partners and delivery companies.

Moreover, JD Foundation together with other companies is projecting to introduce biodegradable materials in the future to curb ecological pollution. Another measure is reducing the thickness of the sealing tape in promoting sustainable consumption. By doing this, the company will be saving on the tape measure that creating a sense of economic responsibility. See This Page for more information.

Digital invoices and receipts reduce the amount of paper being consumed annually. Employing more people to deliver products reduces the amount of emission from vehicles that pollute the environment.

In China, Jingdong Mall has employed more than 80,000 delivery guys who do so using traditional means such as bikes and thus reducing the emission of global warming gases. Another measure of promoting sustainability is encouraging individuals to pick their goods instead of requesting for delivery.

Involving Consumers takes pride in making their customers get involved in environmental activities, for instance, Jingdong Mall is working with groups such as UNDP to address waste and issues of pollution. Implementing strategies that allow consumers to donate items such as toys and books can bring purpose and avoiding waste of resource.

This move extends the life cycle of products and thus reduce the need for resources in manufacturing new products. Moreover, this kind of action leads to an elevation of social needs reducing poverty among individuals in society. JD believes that this kind of involvement of people in the conservation of the environment can greatly change how people approach consumption.



Victoria Doramus Works With Best Friends Network To Save Every Pet

According to Victoria Doramus, the world can be a cruel place and not everyone has a voice to express their pain. This is especially true among animals who are homeless or abused and left alone in animal shelters across the United States. During her life, she has faced a series of challenges including being a recovering addict. When she began to recover from her addiction, she realized just how much she wanted to be able to help others and how important it was for society. She also learned that it isn’t just people who need our support.

This is why Victoria Doramus began to show her support the Best Friends Animal Society. The organization is dedicated to keeping animals from being killed in shelters throughout the United States. While these shelters may have the best intention, they just lack the resources needed to keep all of the animals in the shelter alive and healthy. They want every animal to receive the love that they deserve and the compassion that they need to live happy lives in loving homes. They believe that with everyone’s help they can save every animal in shelters throughout the United States from euthanasia.

The organization that Victoria Doramus holds so dear was started by a small group of friends that wanted to make a difference. They realized just how many animals were put down in shelters each year and knew that this practice needed to stop. They started small by taking a few animals to safety and giving them where they could heal from what was plaguing them medically and the experiences that they went through. Just like humans, animals can become traumatized through their experiences as well.

Victoria Doramus is known for her professional career in print and digital media. She is considered a very creative person in her industry and has worked in advertising, media, communication, and branding. All of this experience has given her a unique perspective on the media industry. She is always finding new ways to innovate her work by combining her many different areas of expertise to create the best work for her clients.

Roseann Bennett: Using Different Forms Of Therapy To Treat Patients


In the past decades, mental health was treated using drugs. The emergence of Prozac, as well as a broad spectrum of similar medication, gave doctors a great option while giving pharma easy money. But fifteen years later, the problems are still here with us. Mental illness is now pervasive with anxiety and depression being the primary cause of disability. Besides, there’s a dramatic reduction in research as well as drug development since analysis suggests that pills can’t fully answer mental health problems. According to Roseann Bennett, mental health problems continue to plague the population because of the lack of extensive research from the healthcare industry.

Roseann Bennett who has been a successful marriage as well as a family therapist for more than eight years has vast experience in providing solutions for many life’s problems. When she worked as an in-house therapist for different families in New Jersey, Bennett developed a stellar reputation for reaching out to those who couldn’t afford treatment. Bennett didn’t segregate her patients based on their inability to pay. She also understood that they had different needs that required the support of a healthcare professional. As such, she established The Center for Assessment and Treatment, a not-for-profit organization that offers intense treatment sessions, therapy, and counseling for patients.

Since its founding in 2009, Center for Assessment and Treatment has opened doors for hundreds of patients who have mental disorders. The organization has assisted these people to overcome their issues through their life’s struggles not only internally and externally but within a common horrific place. The charitable organization is also devoted to offering treatment while advocating for people with families of different backgrounds particularly those who have been marginalized by their friends and families. Coupled with values that have been instilled by Roseann Bennett, the center is also committed to providing customized treatment solutions for patients at a low cost. Get Related Information Here.

When she founded the organization, Bennett strained to gain a viable income to support her mission. But with the support of her husband Todd Bennett, she managed to establish the revolutionary foundation that offers modern treatment methods such as “Canine-Assisted Therapy” and the use of telemedicine to reach out to patients.


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Lincolnshire Management Recently Sold Assets

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm with over $1.7 billion of private equity funds. Lincolnshire was founded in 1986 by Steven Jay Kumble and Frank C. Wright, Jr. where they invested most of their money in developing middle market companies. Over the last 30 years, this equity firm has made investments through more than 85 acquisitions. They invest in acquisitions of corporate divestitures, growth equity for public and private companies, management buyouts, private companies, and recapitalization. This firm uses a collaborative method where they depend on thorough investment experience from the past through various cycles and industries.

The latest news about Lincolnshire Management has consisted of companies that the firm has sold ownership to. On October 2, 2017, Lincolnshire sold their Italian based company, Fabbri Group, to Argos Soditic. No financial information was revealed from the business arrangement, but the Managing Director at Lincolnshire Ottavio Serena Di Lapigio was noted saying that Lincolnshire’s investment in Fabbri Group was very successful and they were able to form a good relationship with the Stella Group and IGI, the other shareholder group of Lincolnshire. Their cooperative teamwork allowed them to develop the company and expand it in the US and Russia sales market.

More recently, on April 3rd of 2018, Lincolnshire Management sold Amports Inc. to InstarAGF Asset Management. Lincolnshire purchased Amports Inc. from Highstar Capital back in 2014. From the business arrangement, InstarAGF Assets Management Inc. was given a 100% equity interest of Amports Inc. Again, no financial information was revealed from the business arrangement.

Amports Inc. is an automotive port logistics and processing company that is based in Jacksonville, Florida. Amports Inc. supplies numerous large automotive original equipment manufacturers. They strategically have facilities located in the United States and major coastal zones in Mexico as shown here.

InstarAGF focuses on mid-sized infrastructure assets in the civil and social infrastructure, energy, and utility areas in North America. Amports Inc. new partnership with InstarAGF will help to expand their market-leading infrastructure and competitive position.

Investments and business arrangements such as these were what helped Lincolnshire Management to its $1.7 billion in private equity funds. See Lincolnshire Management’s profile here


CEO Of Kimberly Bakker Events- Kimberly Is A Mommy And A Philanthropist


San Francisco based Kimberly Bakker is a successful entrepreneur and the Founder of Kimberly Bakker Events. She is a proud mommy and a philanthropist who takes pleasure in creating the most out of people and events.

She earned her degree from the University of Southern California and joined as a Protocol Officer at the Mayor’s Office. From a young age, Kimberly Bakker focused on success driven strategies that made her achieve various skills throughout her professional career. Her vast experience has helped her become the person she is.

Kimberly’s love for creativity could easily be seen in her work during events. At a very young age, she used to host tea parties for her family and stuffed animals. It was only natural that she developed this love of crafting such events over the time and founded her very own company with the name of Kimberly Bakker Events where dreams come true.

As a successful “Momtrepreneur”, Kimberly inspires many women and mothers who dream to achieve something in their lives. She didn’t achieve everything overnight, but she was determined and confident from the beginning. She also wanted to set an example for her young daughter who she truly loves and wants her to be strong and gentle at the same time.

Kimberly Bakker Events generate a sense of hospitality, individuality and a touch of warmth from planning to execution; she makes sure that every small detail counts till the end of the event for the people to cherish them for the rest of their lives.

Kimberly believes that it’s more like a team effort as working with different vendors, managing strict timelines and organizing everything without any errors is challenging. She plans everything according to her list which allows her to be confident and organized. Go To This Page for related information

She advises young entrepreneurs and people who want to achieve their dreams always to trust their instincts. She believes that age plays a major role in pursuing any business as each individual has their own unique experience to share and stories to tell, but if you truly believe in yourself, you’re already halfway there.


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Sharon Price And Grace Farms Work With Unchain To Fight Slavery Throughout The World

When you think about slavery, you probably don’t think about contemporary slavery that is still taking place today. Throughout the world, human slavery consists largely of sexual slavery and slaves in the manufacturing industry. This is why when it comes to manufacturing transparency is something that is so important according to Sharon Price.

As the President and Chair of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince is working hard with her company to try to put an end to slavery by spreading awareness of the issue. While contemporary slavery may be one of the biggest problems in the world today, it is largely undiscussed and unrecognized which has allowed these problems to go under the radar for decades.

The Grace Farms is teaming up with the country of Georgia and Unchain to further their efforts. The country and organization want to stop the practice of contemporary slavery and are making strong efforts to do it.

In an article with entitled “Grace Farms Foundation Signs Deal To Fight Contemporary Slavery”, talks about the Memorandum of Understanding with the country of Georgia and Unchain which discusses creation of set of standards and practices that promote supply chain transparency to help bring an end to the world’s largest, yet under recognized problem: contemporary slavery.

Knowledge is one of the most important tools that Georgia, Sharon Price Grace Farms Foundation, and Unchain have to fight contemporary slavery and they are wanting to spread it as much as possible. In order to stop the problem, every country in the world is going to have to come to certain agreements and work together to put an end to it. This is going to take a lot of work and may take years to accomplish, but the end result is worth it.

Sharon Price is only one member of the team at Grace Farms that is honored to be able to work with the organization and Georgia to put up a fight against the practice of human slavery. Unchain is launching in early 2019 with Krishna Patel as their President who also serves as Grace Farm’s Justice Initiative Director. With everyone working together, they will be raising the standards for companies around the world to treat people fairly. Read This Article for more information.



Rebel Wilson Plays a New Part in Isn’t it Romantic

When Rebel Wilson took on the latest role in Isn’t it Romantic, she knew she had a big part to play. Even though she has played a lot of different parts throughout the years, this one is different because she is the lead character. She wanted to make sure she nailed it and knew exactly what to do to make the movie even better. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

It made sense for her to keep showing people she was the best person for this role. It also made her want to try different things so she could focus on her acting expertise. Even though she spent a lot of time learning about the right way to do things, she knew she had a better chance than most.

Rebel Wilson plays a lot of comedy roles. As a comedienne, Rebel Wilson knows what it’s like to really help the audience get into the parts she plays. She wants to be funny and wants to help people see she is the best person for the role. As long as she knows how to help people see these roles while also focusing on the changes to the way the movie works, she can do more.

Even before Rebel Wilson started acting, she had a strong career on the comedy circuit. There were many shows that she sold out and that helped her focus on helping people see she was serious about her comedy role. She also wanted people to see they could try things differently the way she had done. When she started acting, it was a chance for her to showcase her comedy in a new light. It was also her way of helping people understand what the would see from her in the future. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

There were ways that Rebel Wilson made sure she was successful. She likes doing a variety of comedy sketches and that’s an important part of her routines. She also likes people to see how hard she’s worked to get where she is. Despite going through difficult times, Rebel Wilson came out on top. She is now a celebrity that people recognize everywhere she goes. Since she has been in a lot of movies and has played hilarious roles in nearly all of them, it gives her a chance to show people she’s a great fit for these roles.

As Rebel Wilson starts taking on new roles like her latest in a romantic comedy, she knows she can expand her repertoire. She has a lot of ways she’s going to work the role and help people connect with the character. If she can connect with the audience, she feels she’ll nail the romantic comedy role.

This is a huge step for a plus-sized actor. As a larger person, Rebel Wilson knows she can do things differently while also focusing on what she needs to do to make things better for everyone. It’s her goal to normalize different situations while also helping people connect with the roles she plays in movies.

The Rise Of Corporate Chieftain Richard Liu Qiangdong CEO Richard Liu Qiangdong had an unremarkable early life. He was born in 1974 on February 14 in the town of Suqian in China’s Jiangsu province. In 1996 he graduated from the Renmin University with a degree in sociology. He continued his education at China Europe International Business School and earned an EMBA. Richard Liu began his corporate career with Japan Life, a health product company. He left the company after two years to become an entrepreneur.

In 1998 Richard Liu opened Jingdong, a store from which he sold magneto-optical products in Beijing. Unlike his competitors, Liu sold authorized products only, therefore, his brand became associated with high-quality merchandise. His business grew rapidly. Within five years there were 12 brick and mortar Jingdong locations.

When the SARS epidemic hit China in 2003, many people, including Liu’s staff and customers, remained at home. The financial impact of SARS on his stores led Liu to change his business model. The following year Richard Liu Qiangdong founded e-commerce business that is now known as By 2005, Liu had closed all of his brick and mortar stores. His new online retail venture started with the sales of electronics and other consumer goods.

To expand his business, Richard Liu formed partnerships with other companies. Some of these alliances allowed to offer its customers products that were otherwise unavailable in China. Some of’s partnerships have other benefits. For example, Tencent paid $215 million for a 15 percent stake in and agreed to promote on WeChat, Tencent’s social network with almost a billion users. In 2017, invested $397 million in luxury apparel retailer Farfetch. went public in the United States on the NASDAQ in 2014. counts Walmart among its shareholders.

Today is China’s largest e-commerce company by revenue and has an estimated worth of $57.6 billion. Forbes magazine estimates that Richard Liu Qiangdong has a net worth of $11 billion.

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Telling the Truth with the Whistleblower Program

The SEC Whistleblower Program was put in place by Congress and provides incentives to people who have information on violations or potential violations of the Federal Securities Act. The Whistleblower program was created within the Dodd-Frank Act and Paul E. Kanjorski a retired congressman who was involved in the creation of the act points out that it has been very useful in preventing fraudulent dealings and also arresting those involved in malpractices.

It did this by increasing foot soldiers in the fight against these violations. If an employee notes discrepancies in the books they can report these under the Whistleblower program so that they can be investigated. The whistleblower will then be awarded a sum of money as long as the information they provided led to an actionable outcome. The program also protects whistleblowers from the companies and/or individuals they report on.

He sees the SEC Whistleblower program as capable of making people more willing to report illegal activities perpetrated by corporations or individuals within corporations. Today a lot of corporations ask employees to sign agreements and have protocols that stop them from making company wrongdoing public. They cannot share the non-ethical and potentially illegal activities the company is involved in because they are under the impression that to do so is to open themselves to charges or a lawsuit.

The agreements use sweeping legalese to ensure employees do not make complaints about sexual harassment, violation of securities legislation, violation of environmental among others. Since most people do not ask for legal counsel when signing employment contracts they are not made aware that such agreements are not enforceable. Every person has a right to report violations of the law that they notice and no one can ask them not to do it legally.

When making a report of wrongdoing it is important for the whistleblower to remember that the information presented must be legally obtained or better still to employ the services of a SEC Whistleblower attorney. If for instance, an accountant notices discrepancies in the books they can report this but if they break into a managers office to steal the information, it is not actionable as it was obtained illegally. When recording a telephone conversation one should be aware of the laws governing information collected in this way in the state they are in. This is because in states like Connecticut for a recording to be admissible both parties must give consent.

About SEC Whistleblower program

The SEC Whistleblower program was put in place by Congress in the Dodd-Frank Act. It gives monetary incentives to whistleblowers.