White Shark Media Dwarfs the Competition in SMB Marketing

Where are your marketing efforts targeted? Are they hitting the mark and generating traffic and revenue for your business? There are the essential questions you should ask yourself.


Internet marketing is already the fastest growing tool available today. Having an online presence is but one of the elements of a successful business, but it is not one that should be overlooked or taken lightly. You have the need for an internet marketing strategy coordinated by an experienced professional.


Helping small business navigate the shark infested waters of internet marketing is the mainstay of white shark media.


Working with an award winning firm that will build your reputation and add value enhancement to your small business marketing efforts. This is an innate talent White Shark exudes. They are committed to the long-term success of your business.


Through the online presence and SEO standards, they have taken a results-driven approach to marketing and understand the need for the customer to enjoy the spoils of the ultimate experience. It is this core value and commitment to customer satisfaction that has made

White Shark the foremost respected marketing firm that they are.


They have a boutique style strategy for each of their clients and tailor a custom marketing plan for your company. Building specific, target marketing strategies is how White Shark Media has risen to the pinnacle of the digital marketing world.


White Shark is a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, a prestigious partnership whose members are hand-picked by Google. The designation shows White Sharks dedication to helping t the small business owners who don’t have the financial and time resources to do marketing campaigns. White Shark is also a Bing Ads SMB Partner.

Sam Tabar Joins Full Cycle Energy as Chief Operating Officer

Sam Tabar joined Full Cycle Energy as its Chief Operating Officer in December 2015. The clean energy company has a mission to convert municipal waste into energy and to lower the cost of power plants by reducing their use of fossil fuel.

Prior to joining Full Cycle Energy, Mr. Tabar had worked as the Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch at the Bank of America. Here, he was responsible for working together with fund managers by introducing them to specific investment institutions. Additionally, he helped form both front and back office teams. He also helped consult on legal and operational matters.

Before working for Merill Lynch, he co-led the marketing department for Sparx Group, and was responsible for every aspect of marketing on a global scale. Sparx Group is known for being the biggest independent fund in Asia Pacific. During his time there, he was able to help the company grow even more in the Asia Pacific region.


Mr. Tabar graduated with honors from Oxford University where he pursued a degree in Arts. Later, he joined the Columbia law school to study law. After school, he started working for Skadden, a prestigious law firm. He began as an associate where he helped clients with private placement memorandums, investment management agreements, employment and hedge fund issues and regulatory and compliance matters.

As a result of his work in both the legal and business world, he has become one of the most sought-after professionals. He is known for choosing to focus mostly on clients with a high net worth, and family corporations. He has contributed to massive capital growth at each firm that he has worked for.

Languages and Pastime

He is fluent in Japanese and French. In his free time, he loves to travel and host events.

Bottom Line

The whole team at Full Cycle Energy is excited to have Mr. Tabar on board. With numerous achievements under his belt, he is sure to be a positive addition to the team.

Lori Senecal Has A Lot To Share!

Lori Senecal knows what it is like to forge her own path. As one of four talented children, she recognized early the need to move forward into new territory and to stake accomplishments as her own. In fact, during her many opportunities to mentor other women in the marketing world, she continues to discover how important this truly is. In an interview by Hubspot, Senecal frequently points out that women are hesitant to tackle challenges they don’t feel fully prepared for. That is when Senecal explains how nobody is fully prepared for anything! There is always that last bit of fear that is mistaken for a barrier. In truth, that last bit of fear is really the secret sauce that drives success!

Throughout her career, Senecal has also had the chance to work on group projects that led towards important goals. These teams could get a little chaotic at times, but Senecal learned how to cherish the excitement. In fact, it is one reason why she admires the character Liz Lemon on NBC’s hit television show 30 Rock. Liz had a weekly responsibility to get a bunch of creative, talented, and sometimes rowdy people to produce a great show week after week. Managing marketing teams can sometimes feel the same way! However, through all of the chaos, something fantastic always emerges.

Senecal also understands the importance of a shared corporate culture. A common culture surrounding team members helps grease the wheels of progress. Also, Senecal strongly believes in the benefits of mentoring. Mentoring is an activity which benefits all participants. People early in their careers are able to gain support. The mentors benefit through opportunities for reflection, fostering a connection with a younger generation, and having an opportunity to give back to others. If there is one thing Senecal wishes she could stress to those she mentors, it would be to make sure there is always a proper balance between work and life. Read more about her on 3percentconf.com.

Lori Senecal is now set to be the Global CEO for the advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. From what we know about her, she is sure to do a fantastic job!

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Miami Socialites Treated To Luxury Experience By Danillo Diaz Grandaos

Danillo Diaz Granados is an entrepreneur of Spanish origin who is the founder of the luxury Miami based boutique business called Toys For Boys. Mr. Granados studied at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He obtained a bachelors degree in business and entrepreneurship there. Later Mr. Granados studied at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain where he received an MBA in business administration.

Danillo Diaz Grandos established Toys For Boys in 2013 after teaming up with a business partner and friend to serve the upscale community of Miami. Toys For Boys provides the wealthy of Miami with exclusive and unprecedented access to some of the world’s finest goods. This includes rare and newly released sports cars and luxury cars. It also includes art, jewelry and other fine items such as watches.

Mr. Granados has worked for Spanish telecommunications company Movilway before moving to Miami and starting Toys For Boys. At Movilway he was a business manager that oversaw operations in the Spanish’s company’s Latin American market segments. It is important to note that Danilo Diaz Granados is fluent in Spanish and English, making him an ideal candidate to oversee US and Latin American markets of Movilway.

Last year, Danillo Diaz Grandos hosted an action packed event that was sponsored by companies such as One Thousand Museum, Gryphon Racing, Van Dutch Americas and Air Commander Aerospace. The event exposed some of Miami’s wealthiest residents to the fine luxuries and amenities available in the Miami area. Danillo took Miami socialites on a privat tour of the One Thousand Museum condominium development. Guests could tour the apartments and grounds and got an exclusive first look at the development.

After seeing Miami’s latest luxury apartment development, Guests boarded helicopters to a racing track on Palm Beach. Each guest had the chance to get behind the wheel of a real race car and take it for a lap around the racetrack. After some racing fun, the guests of Danilo Diaz Granados were taken to a restaurant by helicopter. Fine wine and food was served before the guests headed out for a sunset cruise from the River Yacht Club to end the day.

Wine Vintners in the UK Strive for Perfection

The wine industry is very unique. Most people who buy imported wine do so because they are looking for something special. Vintners are important for this reason. Vintners are largely wine merchants. They serve a very important role in helping customers select the right bottle of wine. UK vintners are particularly important because wine is taken seriously in the United Kingdom. There are over 500 vineyards in England and Wales. Wine connoisseurs from other regions should definitely look at the various producers that the UK has to offer.

UK vintners act as the general wine provider. They have a unique relationship because wine is sold differently from most other forms of alcohol. Most people know that aged wine is usually more cherished. This is far from the only thing that makes wine tasting enjoyable. Wine also gets its flavor from variances in climate and the barrels it is aged in. The word vintner usually means wine merchant, but it can also refer to a winemaker. Some vineyards also serve both functions because they ship directly to their customers.

England’s wine production is largely directed by a marketing arm that calls itself the English Wine Producers. This organization handles the marketing of many different vineyards. Many of these vineyards exist on their own as small businesses. UK vintners will usually provide expert reviews on the wine that they are selling. Some vintner websites also provide customer reviews. A lot of UK vintners sell wine that is imported from other countries. They may present a large product mix that includes wines from all over the world.

Shopping from a vintner online should be a relatively easy process. Those that are not in the UK may still enjoy looking at French or Italian wines offered by UK wine vintners. This is because many quality bottles that are aged over 20 years are harder to find. UK vintners naturally carry UK wines from producers like Bolney Estate, Camel Valley and Hush Heath. Some vineyards like Biddenden have their own personal online shop.

Some vintners may also offer a monthly membership. A membership will allow you to sample various different kinds of wine from the region. This may work well for people with more varied and eclectic tastes. Those that are into a few specific wine flavors may prefer to simply browse an online shop that carries wine from several different producers.

For more information, contact UK Vintners online.

The Growth of Kabbalah

Rav Yehuda Ashlag established Kabbalah in 1922. Kabbalah mainly focuses on God’s concealed knowledge. The Kabbalah knowledge passed from generation to generation. The Kabbalah knowledge was initially trained to men over 40 years.

Kabbalah’s wisdom is based on the Zohar book authored by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai. Moat parts of the Zohar were written in Aramaic. It manifested God in 10 stages (sefirot). The system connected the Divinity and the physical nature. The Kabbalah popularized between Jewish Communities from 1500-1800. In 1990s Kabbalah was being studied in Jerusalem. Rav Ashlag became the first Kabbalah.

Ashlag derived Rav Isaac Luria’s teachings to spread Kabbalah. He published his work in a simpler way. Ashlag later died living leaving Rev Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein to take over his mission. Brandwein. He established a small yeshiva from where he taught the Kabbalah. Berg helped him in distributing the book in the US where he founded the National Institute for Kabbalah.

Brandwein awarded Berg the second Ordination, and in 1968 he named him Yashivat Kol Yehuda’s President. Karen was the first woman to study Kabbalah, taught by Rav Berg.The two married in 1971, and later they evolved the Kabbalah teachings to all not just men. By five books 1973, the dual had published five books of their version. They founded another Kabbalah center in Israel called Tel Aviv. Berg and Karen led the US campaign to share Kabbalah they published more other books and some in English and gained more Kabbalist master to help in spreading it.

The Kabbalah greatly spread with its grassroots in North America and evolved into a spiritual community within the Jewish traditions. By 1980 Kabbalah had gone international setting new learning centers in Canada, Toronto. In 2004, Karen became the director for Kabbalah International and published her books and in 2005 her book “God’s Wears Lipstick” was best-selling. Berg died in 2013 and today in 2016 Karen and her son are going are proceeding with the great work of making Kabbalah wisdom more accessible.

Enjoy Smooth Lips Lips During Any Season

Evolution of Smooth, which is mainly known as EOS lip balms, are an original, adorable, and unique sphere shaped case in numerous vibrant colors. There are many different amazing flavors to choose from and its deep effect of moisturizing and hydrating the lips makes this lip balm an instant favorite of many across the world. EOS lip balm is affordably priced and its hydrating effects are caused by the natural ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil.

Different temperatures and climates can cause the lips to lose their natural moisture, especially during the cold winter months. The Vitamin E that is contained in this lip balm helps keeps the lips hydrated by nourishing and protecting the lips as well as sealing in the moisture. On top of the hydrating effects, these lip balms also have numerous other benefits such as different medicament’s, different flavors, and sunscreen.

EOS lip balm has numerous flavors to choose from. Some of the favorites are Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint and Strawberry Honey Dew, https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA. During the summer time, the light and fruity flavors, such as Summer Fruit and Pomegranate Raspberry, are especially appealing. When it is nice and warm out and all you want to do is sit by the pool with a nice cold drink, a flavor like Summer Fruit is perfect for keeping your lips protected from the sun and hydrated. During the cold winter months, Sweet Mint is a perfect choice. The mint gives your lips a little bit of a tingle and it is a warming effect in the cold, harsh weather.

But don’t take our word for it, try any of the many flavors for yourself! Head on over to the EOS website or Well store to take a look at the different lip balms and the different flavors and pick your favorite to try out. For more information, check out the EOS Facebook page.


Securus for Great Holiday Communication

Being able to use a good quality communication system with your loved one in prison is something that a lot of families are striving to achieve for themselves. The problem that a lot of prison families have is that the communication that they have with their loved ones is not exactly Superior and it can deter them from knowing that they are able to keep in touch with their loved one on a regular basis. The Christmas season is an especially difficult time for prison families all over the country because they simply do not have the time or means to be able to see their loved one during this special time of the year.


If this has been a problem for you as it has for myself, you might find Securus to be one of the best options for you when it comes to having better communication with your loved ones each and every day. Securus allows you to video visit from your own house using a computer or laptop that you already own and it only requires you to download some type of software that you can utilize no matter where you happen to be living. This is why a lot of prison families are currently downloading the software with amazing success and are happy with what it is able to do for them and their families as well.


Now that you know a little bit about security and what it can do for you, it is very important that you look into it for yourself to see if it is right for you as it has been for a lot of other individuals. This will enable you to keep in touch with your loved ones during the holiday season no matter where they happen to be located in the country and this can benefit you a lot more than you ever thought possible because it also provides you away to see them face-to-face without actually having to be there.


My own personal experience using Securus has been one of great success and it is why I continually recommended to people who are in the same situation that I have been in in the past. There has never been a better time for you to use this amazing service than right now because of how beneficial it can be for you and your loved ones.


Sources :

Securus Video Visitation


Changing a Community

Keith Mann has done a great job helping others throughout his life. Despite owning a variety of companies, he still finds the time to invest in the lives of others. There are a lot of people who look up to the passion that he has for education. Many schools in America today do not have the proper staff or funding to serve students. As a result, many students do not get the education they need. Education is the best way to change a local community for years to come. Keith Mann knows that improving access to education is one of the best ways to make a positive impact on the world.


Keith Mann


When he first started out in business, Keith Mann did not have a lot of experience or capital. Although some of his companies failed, he always learned from the experience and used it to help him in the future. There are a lot of people who would have quit after the first failure. However, he knew that he had an opportunity to make a huge impact on the world. He is now one of the most successful business owners in the state of New York. In addition, he has the additional capital needed to invest in the local community.


Future Plans


In the coming years, Keith Mann is going to continue to invest in the local community. He wants to help more people than ever before with their access to education. Millions of children live in areas that do not have adequate education facilities. Over the years, Keith Mann has positively impacted many communities with his work and donations.

Lime Crime Has Fantastic Colors

In today’s market, I know it’s important to be able to find your own style. I have developed my own personal style from a young age and worked hard to help bring out it in everything I do. Part of being able to develop my own style was finding the right makeup.

This is why I was so pleased to find out about a new line products on the market today. Lime Crime has quickly become one of my favorite makeup companies. Like them, I have a personal style and that style is modern with a dash of retro. At this company, they understand the need to have color in life no matter the seasons. I’ve repeatedly found the kind of color I want to have in my makeup right here.

Amazing Colors

Those who search out this company will find as I did that the colors they have here are based on the needs of the modern woman who wants to be as fashion forward as possible. Here is where you can find all sorts of bright colors that can really help bring out your blue eyes.

I happen to like shades like Eclipse and Raisin Hell, shades of red that are so wonderful during the winter when you really want to bring color back into hour life. I also like the company’s softer shades like Mud and Mustard.

A Shade For Every Day

I love to shake it up in my life when it comes to makeup. Each day, I think about how I can shake it up and change things in life. Makeup from Lime Crime makes that process very easy. I can always log on to the site and find out how to change my look in some way.

This means I can pick from the items on the site like the Velvetines that are all about the chance to change out color in any way you like. You can go really soft one day for a romantic and retro look and then go with something that is a bit more modern the very next day.