Local Lawyer Helps Strays and Animal Shelters

Ross Abelow is working hard to help animal shelters raise the money they need to provide necessary items for the animals in the shelters. The go fund me campaign for animals is hoping to raise $5000. dollars or more to purchase things like blankets, food, and medications for sick animals. Each animal that enters a shelter needs specific care, food, and medical care. If Ross raises the money that he hopes to raise, he will earn enough money to help several shelters full of animals.

A great attorney in New York that loves working and helping out his community. Ross is involved with the stray and animal shelter fundraiser as well as other local causes. He works hard for his clients as well. Ross works with the commercial law as well as family law. He will help a family or business get the papers and contracts they need to do things legally. He graduated law school and joined a law firm in New York. He has helped many people take care of their legal needs. He is also very helpful with his own family. Ross enjoys sporting events and traveling. He likes to write and you will find some of his articles online. Check out legal news in the legal news in New York by reading topics/Newyorktimes. Learn about recent law and litigation there.

Animals are going to be better off because of the caring soul of Ross Abelow. He hopes he never has to see another animal on the street cold and hungry. He hopes that each animal in the shelters will find loving homes. Each animal needs to be spay and neutered so that they will not breed and produce more animals. This will help the pet population slow down. Hopefully, pet owners will be responsible and do the right thing. Keep the pet on a leash when walking them. Clean up behind your pet. Dispose of their waste. Make sure to help your pet become a better citizen by teaching them basic commands and by training them to behave. If an animal has some training they will respond better in public. This will cut down on the number of animals in shelters. Donations will be greatly appreciated. Each dollar that comes in for the go fund me stray benefit will go directly to help these animal shelters to help strays. Do your part by donating. Check out Ross Abelow and other lawyers on Lawyer-lighthouse.com

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Remaining On Our Course

Sam Tabar is an incredible attorney. He resides in New York State where he practices law. He did his MA and BA in law in Oxford University graduating with honours successfully. He did his LLM in Columbia Law School, where he served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. He has been an associate for Skedden, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP and Arps for a long time now. While in Skedden, he did client counseling on what hedge funds really is, on investment management agreements, on private placement memorandum and on other matters that were of interest. He is also a capital strategist. He loves traveling a lot.

As a senior associate, he has worked in major law firm Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP, catering to hedge funds, fund formation, its structure and regulatory and compliance matters. He has also served as the head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, as its Director and head of Capital Strategy. He also worked for PMA, finding his breakthrough to great opportunities beginning to manage hedge funds and having direct interactions with clients. He saw through many promotions, rising to the positions of managing director and co- Chief of business development for the firm.

He joined Merrill Lynch where he developed a connection with the Asia- Pacific region had his debut for hedge fund dealings and management came knocking. He has worked with Adenval LLC where he developed great financial strategy knowledge and skills with which currently, he is using in the management of his own practice that handles numerous top- notch contacts that he has developed since his interactions with hedge funds management.

Sam is always hearty in his approbation and lavish in his praise for other companies on Twitter. That is if at all he likes anything. Talking of being hearty, philosophers have wondered across time memorial that mind is a collection of perception, calculations, memories, instincts but most important decisions, we do not make them by our own mind; where we find our most profound intelligence is after all in the heart. A course that is really true for Sam Tabar. Many have shared that opinion, even our fallen heroes. Robert Macrate, a lawyer in My Lai Inquiry has, in the yes of the world soared at ninety four. He served as civilian counsel the army panel. He oversaw a report calling for an overhaul of legal education as well.  Sam’s official website has more information.

WEN by Chaz Wins Woman’s Personal Seven-Day Test

Freelance blogger Emily McClure recently published an article on Bustle.com (http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened) about Wen hair by Chaz Dean. She like countless others watched the unbelievable results on the infomercials and decided to test this cleansing system herself.

Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner is a shampoo, conditioner and styling product all in one. It consists of botanical ingredients that nourish the hair instead of weigh it down. It is suitable for all hair types depending on the specific version chosen. She chose from sephora.com the Fig version of WEN Hair for added moisture, volume and shine.

FIRST DAY: she showered and applied WEN after work. She used the minimum ten pumps recommended for her hair length that was double the amount she normally used. She applied it from her scalp to the tips of her hair and then rinsed after a few minutes. She witnessed instantly thicker-feeling hair and less hair loss while shampooing. The strands felt bouncy, shiny and clean after blow drying.

SECOND DAY: her hair felt greasy and heavy before showering. After showing at night with WEN hair, her hair felt light and bouncy.

THIRD DAY: her hair was not as oily as the day before. She showered and shampooed in the morning and achieved the same great results.

FOURTH DAY: her hair was oily and frizzy, but she did not have time for a morning shower. Instead she unsuccessfully applied other products from the hair salon she worked at to correct a bad hair day.

FIFTH DAY: she showered in the morning using WEN and achieved the same great results.

SIXTH DAY: she decided to start showering each morning to achieve the desired results. She learned that nighttime showering lessened the effects by the next day.

SEVENTH DAY: she showered in the morning using Wen hair and again loved the results.

She concluded this is a great product for fine hair as long as it is applied in the mornings for results that last all day. The product must be used every day since hair responds better with daily use.


Why Are the French So Good at Fashion?

Fashion just seems to come easy to French women. But why is that the universal consensus? Is it because they live near the fashion capital of the world, Paris? How do they get that effortless look?

Not every French woman can have this highly fashionable regard, but it is true that most French ladies seem to have the special touch. Here, you will find a few reasons why this is and how you can adopt their strategies and styles to be just as fashionable.

1. They’re not afraid to not match.

Mixing and matching fabrics, prints and styles with elegance is the French way.

2. They study fashion like a science.

French women read French magazines and blogs such as justfab.com. justfab.com is a fashion retailer that has wealth of information about the newest styles and trends in the fashion world. This site also carries several selections of handbags, denim, shoes, jewelry and other super stylish accessories for women. French women love this site.

Personal stylist of JustFab on youtube helps their members. They give fashion tips to every members who needs them. JustFab has collections of different fashion styles for women and children that they can use for different occasions and for their everday fashion.

3. They don’t go crazy with hair and makeup.

Another thing you will notice about French women is that despite having excellent fashion sense, they do not go crazy with hair and makeup. In other words, they don’t use a lot of foundation and heavy eyeliner. Mostly, you will see done up brows and a little mascara and blush. If they don’t use eye makeup, only then will they use lipstick.

4. They keep a good figure but don’t obsess.

French women are indeed worried about their figures, but they’re not so worried that they go to the gym every day. Simply put, they eat healthy but heartily, and they get exercise because they are always walking to get where they need to go. It’s the European way.

5. They don’t flaunt their assets.

You’re not going to find a French woman with tons of cleavage or skin revealing cutouts in her blouse or dress. This just isn’t the French way. Sure, they may have a low neckline or a tight skirt, but French women don’t show skin the way some women in other countries do.

Yeonmi Park’s Harrowing Escape From North Korea

Yeonmi Park was born under the oppressive dictatorship of Kim Jong-il in North Korea. Yeonmi lived with her parents and sister in Hyesan, which was near the border of China. The family was hungry, often to the point of starving. Looking back, she remembers being denied many basic freedoms, of course then they had no idea what freedom even was.

On March 31, 2007, her family decided bravely to make an attempt to leave the country in search of a better life. Yeonmi’s sister had made the journey in secret before the family was able to, now the rest followed behind. At just 13-years-old, she crossed the Yalu River with her mother into China. Once in China, her and her mother encountered traffickers who threatened to keep the two apart. Through some negotiations, the mother and daughter were eventually able to stay together, and smugglers brought her father over the border as well. Unfortunately he died from cancer just a short time later.

The mother and daughter made their way through Mongolia and eventually settled into Seoul, South Korea. Once there, Yeonmi was able to enroll and finish school. They were also able to locate and reunite with her missing sister as well.

Yeonmi is now 21-years-old, living in New York, and a public speaker as well as a human rights activist. Yeonmi Park shares her story on the Reason TV and with people around the world to show what the North Korean regime is really like and that hope can still live in the darkest of places.

For the full story on Yeonmi Park‘s harrowing escape, click the link to read it on Reason.com. She has also published a book about her escape called “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”.



Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), has been presenting the present and future technology trends for almost 40 years. CES first started in 1967 in the New York presenting many life changing artifacts such as: The Videotape (1970), the Compact Disk Player (1981), the Digital Versatile Disk – DVD (1996), the Plasma TV (2001) and the Blue – Ray DVD (2003). As stated by Exame this event took place in January in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Marcio Alaor, a BMG bank executive, explains that this year’s most attractive new gadgets are a one-passenger drone, electronic cars and a camera attached to daily used objects that can change the way we do things in our home.


Marcio Alaor, was born in the mining city of Santo Antonio do Monte in Brazil, and is currently the Vicepresident and Director of BMG bank; one of the top banks of Brazil and Latin America according to the Central Jersey Working Moms.

Crunchbase states that Marcio Alaor is one of the most influential Businessman in the economic sector of Brazil and also received an Honor Mention from its hometown since he has contributed and helped the development in this sector as published by R7 Noticias.

The most attractive electronics in the 2016 CES were:

Drone Ehang 184

Out of all the drones presented, this one caught the public’s attention because it can carry one passenger. The drone Ehang 184, made by the Chinese company Ehang, is the closest one to be a “flying car”. According to Macio Alaor, it can fly up to 23 minutes and at a height of 3,5 km in a pre-program path. Alaor states that the Chinese company’s main concern is security, and that is why they are planning to build a Headquarter that can control the drone if it’s necessary.

Electronic Cars

Imagine never to worry about gas again? That could be the next world trend. According to Marcio Alaor, from BMG, GM just released the final version of their electronic car Chevrolet Bolt 2017, and stated that they will sell at a starting price of $30,000 at the end of this year. You can get more information about this model in Chevrolet.com. On the other hand, Volkswagen plans to release an electronic version of the classic and famous Kombi. And Ford plans to release around 13 hybrid cars in the market by 2020.

Smart Houses

Marcio Alaor states that this can be helpful for many things including shopping for food. Samsung released its new $5,000 refrigerator that can take pictures from the inside so you can see what you need to buy from the supermarket.


Source: Exame.com

George Soros Releases His Plan for the Syrian Asylum-Seekers

George Soros, Hungarian born, leaving his country as a young man when Nazi Germany occupied Hungary. Soros fled from to England where he finished his education in finance, graduating from the London School of Economics before coming to the United States. He created a financial career in the United States with Open Society Foundations
Today, George Soros continues to be involved in international finance through his business. Soros has recently designed a worldwide plan for the asylum-seekers and migration of immigrants from Syria to safe homes elsewhere in the world. Soros asylum-seeker plan on Marketwatch is identified in five coordinated steps.

Step One – A comprehensive plan must be outlined and set to protect the fate of the Syrian population. The EU must share the costs of relocating the millions of displaced Syrian population. They should be moved to nearby countries, and the EU must pay each eligible citizen $16,800 per year to help cover medical, education and housing costs. This funding should continue for at least two years, pending further situational evaluation. Refugees need to be involved in where they will reside, but not left to decide on their own. This decision must be agreed upon by the refugee, agency, and residential country.

Step Two – The EU is responsible for the funding of the existing refugees already living in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. The funding in euros should be in the range of 5K per year per refugee or 20 billion euros to cover the housing, medical care and education. The EU has the credit rating and collateral to take responsibility for the relocation of the Syrian asylum-seekers.

Step Three – There is an immediate need for an EU Asylum and Migration Agency to specifically handle the asylum-seekers needs. The current system adapted to handle the situation is not working, too expensive, inefficient, and the guidelines are not detailed properly to handle all the countries involved in accepting the asylum-seekers. The process needs to be streamlined to fit the needs of the current situation and not follow the guidelines set for different circumstances.

Step Four – It is imperative that safe passage for asylum-seekers be put into effect moving them from Greece and Italy to their final destination. Then safely do the same for the frontline region reducing the number of asylum-seekers crossing the dangerous Mediterranean.

Step Five – The financial and operational plan developed and set in process should be used globally to ensure asylum-seekers and migrants receive the same treatment worldwide.

In Conclusion – The approximate number of asylum-seekers and migrants that are expected to integrate each year is one million and the EU needs to prepare the private sector. NGOs, church groups, businesses, and neighborhoods need to act as sponsors. Funding is essential during this stage aligning sponsors with migrants.

There are other plans introduced on nybooks by members of the UN and various countries, and these plans need to be studied, and quickly, to place in the process a plan that will be able to handle the needs of millions of people whose lives have been uprooted and need stabilization. The crisis should never have occurred, but the situation is manageable if a responsible plan is put into effect.

The U.S. Department Of Health Dispels Reports About The Zika Virus Causing A Rise In Microcephaly Cases According To Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes

The fact that more than 4,100 cases of microcephaly have been reported in the same areas where the Zika virus has infected thousands of people in Brazil doesn’t mean much to the United States Department of Health. That government organization recently said the fact that microcephaly cases have risen by more than 2,000 percent in Brazil doesn’t mean that the babies born with brain damage and small heads are products of the Zika virus. That may be true if other microcephaly causes are present. Dr. Cortes told R7.com that the Department of Health is trying to control the fear factor related to the pending Zika virus outbreak, but it won’t work. There is too much field evidence in Brazil and in other countries to dispute the evidence that Zika can infiltrate the brains of fetuses and cause microcephaly.
The Department of Health dispelled reports on Noticias R7 after the Philippines reported an increase in microcephaly cases along with a rise in Zika virus infections. The half-hearted assurance from the DOH goes against the research that has been done by Brazilian, French and U.S. researchers. Microcephaly is one of the complications of a Zika virus infection. But in a LinkedIn post, Dr. Cortes said not all pregnant women infected with Zika virus give birth to babies with microcephaly. Researchers are trying to pinpoint the exact time in a pregnancy that could produce microcephaly, but so far that information is still a question mark.

There are other causes of microcephaly, according to a Dr. Cortes Facebook post. Eating undercooked meat is one cause. Herpes, rubella, HIV infection, severe malnutrition during pregnancy and extreme stress by the expected mother can also cause microcephaly. According to a Cortes tweet, the Zika virus should be added to that list. Other issues like being exposed to heavy metals like arsenic and mercury could be bring on microcephaly in fetuses. In short, there are a number of issues that can cause the disease.

Even though the DOH is dispelling reports that Zika causes microcephaly, the agency is warning pregnant women to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, and the DOH also suggests having safe sex if a partner has been to a country that is experiencing an Zika virus outbreak.

Only 20 percent of people infected with virus show symptoms, but they can be contagious since the Zika virus settles in the semen, urine, and saliva of infected individuals.

Dr. Sergio Cortes recommends a proactive approach to the Zika epidemic that is working its way to the United States. But because government agencies can’t agree on the facts that have been reported by other countries, the probability of the United States having more Zika victims than Brazil is very high.

Lime Crime: A Short Introduction

There’s nothing like feeling incredible about the way you look. While there are several resources you can utilize to accomplish this objective, make-up is oftentimes one of the most effective. As a company committed to empowering clients to look and feel their best, Lime Crime is a business you should consider when you’re ready to invest in cosmetics.

Lime Crime: A Short Introduction

Lime Crime is an innovative make-up company designed for the purpose of helping iconoclastic individuals express their potential to develop distinct identities. To put this aesthetic process in motion, the Lime Crime professionals manage a website through which women and men can purchase top notch make-up products like eyeliners and lip gloss.

The Methodology

DollsKill really shows that Lime Crime’s methodology is profoundly customer-oriented. Deere is passionate about hearing back from her clients, whom she affectionately refers to as “unicorns.” Additionally, she maintains a top notch, highly functional website which helps to expedite and optimize the customer’s online shopping experience. The website also features a cutting edge blog where shoppers can gain more information about beauty and fashion news.

More About The Company’s CEO

Doe Deere is a woman who recognizes and responds to the power of using the aesthetic realm as a sphere through which to generate a sense of self while simultaneously having fun. Deere has been experimenting with make-up and clothes since childhood, and her passion for these sectors grows with each passing year. Deere’s personal philosophy regarding make-up is that it can and should be used to express an individual’s ideology, mood, perspective, or simple desire to engage and enjoy the aesthetic realm. She has stated on Lime Crime’s Facebook that Doe hopes to inspire other female entrepreneurs to realize their personal and professional dreams.

A Week Using WEN by Chas Dean


WEN by Chas Dean offers users the ability to obtain healthy and beautiful hair without stripping or harming the hair follicles. I was looking for a hair care product that could help me thicken my hair and make it a lot stronger. Every time I went to the shower, my hair would fall out. I was losing hair daily. I needed some help to provide my hair the nutrition it was craving. WEN was the product I was searching on wikipedia and I made a choice to try it for a week. Below is the account of the product and how it worked on my hair for one week. This article is in full on Bustle.com.

The bottle of fig Wen that I bought had directions that stated I needed to use about 10 pumps for my hair. This seemed like a lot of product but I gave it a try. I hopped in the shower the first day. As soon as I put the product in my hair and began to lather, I could feel the health coming back to the follicles. My hair did not fall out in the bottom of the tub. My hair was healthy and happy for using WEN. Each morning I would wake to find my hair oily. I began to think about this and realized my hair was oily because it was healthy. I had to wash my hair every morning because it was oily. Each time I dried my hair it looked great. It was very healthy and Wen fromAmazon turned out to be a wonderful product.

Check out my full week of hair washing and drying at Bustle.com. My friends and co-workers will agree that WEN made my hair look great. It seems to have added some strength to my hair and it is not falling out like before.