Detailed Information about Jason Hope’s Generous Contribution

Jason Hope generously donated five hundred thousand dollars in the year 2010 to SENS Reseach Foundation. This is a company that helps come up with cures for aging faster than usual. After Jason Hope’s contribution and that of others, the company was in a position to build a laboratory which was called Cambridge SENS Laboratory. They also started a new investigation program using the same donations. Jason is very determined to help the organization come up with cures for aging and other degenerative diseases which destroys the body and may even cause fast aging. Jason explained that diseases such as lung and Alzheimer’s diseases affect not only the mind and the lungs but can also cause a premature failure of the body.

AGE-breaker Program

The AGE-breaker Program was developed by SENS Foundation to help break down AGEs. This is a metabolic waste which may cause harm to the degenerative processes in case it builds up in the human body. These AGEs are usually connected to age-related ailments such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and osteoporosis which causes the skin and blood vessels to lose elasticity. Hope got concerned about the research and hopes to inspire more people to donate and help find a cure to aging. In case this research is successful, researches will be able to improve the health of many people in the world.

Hope’s Education and Career Background

Jason was born in Arizona and is a successful investor, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He attended Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. He later joined W.P. Carey School of Business after graduating and earned MBA. Jason was very successful in business after completing his business school and earned himself international recognition. Student are inspired by Hope especially because of his knowledge in topics related to business.

He is a great philanthropist and generously donates foundations such as the anti-aging research to help come up with cures. He recently lives in Scottsdale which is in Arizona. He spends most of his time working or overseeing projects in different businesses. Apart from being interested in the anti-aging project, Jason is also involved in research about innovative thinking in smart technology. He is a very skilled futurist who has a great understanding and passion in technology. He advises entrepreneurs to handle one task at a time and not neglect their main project. Students have been able to learn more about Jason and he has become a mentor in their lives.

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