Serge Belamant Contributions to Safer and More Efficient Companies

Serge Belamant journey in the technology world is perfect illustration of determination and resilience. He has always made most interesting decisions in his life, and surprisingly, these decisions have propelled him to the high heights as far as his career is concerned. His earliest decision was to go and study in South Africa instead of France where he was born. This decision gave him a chance to experience a different culture, away from his home. This experience according to him has been instrumental in creative process, and more importantly, it has made him have a global perspective in his creative process.

Serge Belamant is one of the notable names that have always initiated change and growth in the technology world. One of the most iconic technologies of our time is blockchain, which is his brainchild. Through this technology, Belamant is the undisputed king of inventions of our generation because technology is changing the world of operations at a fast rate. Although Belamant main interest was in the medical and the finance world, the uses of this technology are universal. Many technology commentators believe that this technology will be the main driver to the next phase of innovations and better operations. According to Belamant, this is one of his best contribution to the innovation world.

For the last three years, Serge Belamant has actively been on a journey to change the banking sector through well-thought technology. Through better innovations, Belamant is hopeful that by 2020, the banking sector will be one of the safest industry in the world. Currently, he has been able to assist many banks in improving their operations with a huge emphasis on security and better user interface. Through Zilch Technology, he has been one of the professionals that are helping financial institutions prepare for the next phase of trading especially with digital currencies.

Lastly, Serge Belamant believes that it is through technology that the operational world will be affordable and more efficient. He is a believer that technology should be easier to understand and use. In all his previous projects, he has not only helped individual entities to improve their operations and client interaction but in cutting down the operational costs.

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