A Remarkable Career Journey for Sahm Adrangi

Most people wait until they are older to focus on their success. Sahm Adrangi decided to do things differently. By the age of twenty-seven, Sahm was a renowned professional in finance. In 2009, Adrangi started Kerrisdale Capital and became the chief investment officer. Adrangi has done an excellent job with his company. He began with less than one million dollars, and by 2017 the company was managing $150 million.

Sahm does not keep all his knowledge to himself. He is passionate about enlightening people on stocks in the markets. Sometimes markets confuse people by overhyping shorts and disregarding longs. Sahm helps people to understand these misconceptions and improve their decisions. Many investors have benefited from Adrangi’s insight and made wise choices when purchasing stocks.
Sahm Adrangi also believes in integrity and he is an activist through is publications. Sahm Adrangi was first recognized in his domain when he exposed some fraudulent companies in China. Among them were the China Marine Food Group, Lihua International, and China-Biotics among others. Law enforcement and SEC began questioning and prosecuting some of these companies. Some companies mislead potential investors by portraying an image of profitable stocks. Adrangi is also exceptional in spotting such companies and exposing them to the public.

Before founding Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm had a sound background in education and working experience. He has a degree in economics from Yale University with encounters in various organizations. Among the organization, Sahm has worked Longacre Fund Management. Together with his brilliance, Sahm Adrangi uses his experience and knowledge to run Kerrisdale. Today, the company has highly gained from investing in companies such as Sage Therapeutics and Globalstar among others. This effort has reaped more than five million dollars for Kerrisdale.

In 2016, Sahm Adrangi led his company in betting on a single stock and gaining one hundred million dollars. This success inspired Sahm, and he elevated his goals. Kerrisdale later planned how to invest in a company worth $10 billion. This investment is one of the numerous projects that Sahm Adrangi is preparing for his company. Adrangi and his company are destined for major achievements, for their future is bright.